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Translation of Gionshoja, The Tale of Heike in Dari


   Image by Nicola Giordano from Pixabay

Do you know Japanese literature The Tale of Heike?

The Tale of Heike is a classic military epic about the Genpei War, the war between Minamoto clan and Taira clan. It is said that the tale was compiled prior to AD 1221 in the early Kamakura period.

Today, I would like to share Dari translation of the beginning part of Gionshoja, The Tale of Heike. This is because it is popular among Japanese people. Many Japanese had learned it by heart in their junior and high school days. 


The beginning part of Gionshoja, The Tale of Heike

The sound of a bell echoes round Gionshoja
It tells us that nothing is permanent

The color of the flowers of sala trees show
The truth that all glories must fade

Overweening men will fall 
Just like dreams on a spring night

Mighty men will fall
Just like dust before the wind

(Translated by the owner of this blog)



« حکایت هی‌یکی »
آواز زنگ معبد بودائی در گی‌اون شووجا
به همه میگوید که هیچ‌چیز جاودان نیست

رنگ شگوفه درخت سالا نشان میدهد
که هر شکوه پایانی دارد

هیچ غرور دایمی نیست
فقط مانند خواب‌ها در شب بهار

عاقبت مقتدر نابودیست
همچون ذره خاکی در مقابل باد


Regarding the above translation in Dari language, it was already double-checked.
Taking this opportunity, I appreciate the great support from the person whom I respect very much.


Here is a video on Gionshoja played by Junko Tahara.

琵琶演奏 「祇園精舎」 ~伝統音楽デジタルライブラリー