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Suffix پسوند





In this page, I am going to introduce you to Dari suffixes پسوند (paswand).

If you are interested in prefix, please go to this page.




List of suffixes

آلود    (aaluud)

Meaning: full of; covered with (originated from Urdu language)

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بان    (baan)

Meaning: keeper, guardian

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پرست   (parast) 

Meaning: worshipper, follower

*Non-joining suffix

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چی  (chee)

Meaning: a person who does something

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دار  (daar)

Meaning: those who have or keep

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دان  (daan)

Meaning: container

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Meaning: those who have knowledge

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ستان  (staan)

Meaning: place of; home of;

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ش  (sh)

Meaning: suffix sh is added to the present stem of a verb to form a noun.

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گاه  (gaah)

Meaning: place

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گر  (gar)

Meaning: a person who does something

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گوی  (gooi)

Meaning: to talk or speak

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مند  (mand)

Meaning: to have

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ناک (naak)

Meaning: to be full of

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واره (waara)

Meaning: similar to, belong to, a place to

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