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Afghan proverbs (ضرب المثل)



Here are Afghan proverbs (ضرب المثل) that I learned from language study.
I will occasionally update this page. 


ا-۱ دل به دل راه دارد.م

- There is a way from heart to heart.
- Love begets love.
ادو تربوز در یک دست گرفته نمیشود.م
- You can't have it both ways.

 ادل تنگ نباشد، جای تنگ نیست.م

 - If your heart is not jealous and greedy, the resources are never scarce.

ا سالی که نیکوست از بهارش پیداست.م

- A good year is determined by its spring.
- Character and talent show up in the early years of life.

ا زیاد خوردن ماهی تپیدن، کم خوردن آهو دویدن.م

- When you eat too much, you will palpitate like a landed fish. When you eat less, you will run like a deer.

ا نان و پیاز پیشانی باز.م

- Only with bread and onions, you have to be happy.
  (Be pleased with what Allah gives you.) 
- If you happily welcome guests even only with bread and onions, guests will enjoy your hospitality. (If you prepare a big dinner with an unpleasant feeling, guests will not enjoy your hospitality.)

ا چیزی که عیان است چه حاجت به بیان است.م

- What is obvious needs no explanation.

ا کوه هرقدر که بلند باشد، باز هم سر‍ خود راه دارد.م

- Where there's a will, there's a way.
- God is more powerful than the proudest of persons.

ا  خربوزه از خربوزه رنگ ميگيرد و انسان از انسان پند.م

- Melon gets the same color from melon next to it, a person gets advice or lessons from others. 
- He that touches pitch shall be defiled.
- One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

ا-۱۰ آلو از آلو رنگ ميگيره، همسايه از همسايه فن. (لسان هراتی)‍م

- Plum gets the same color from plum growing next to it,  neighbor gets techniques or ways of lives from another neighbor.
- He that touches pitch shall be defiled.
- One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

ا-۱۱  مار گزیده از رسمان دراز می‌ترسد.۱

- Once bitten, twice shy.